Graphics have been my hobby, entertainment, and livelihood since 1996. Over the years, I have gone through several businesses, working for dozens of clients, and learning a whole lot of new things. I create logos, graphic manuals, make brochures, corporate prints, websites, design invitations and prepare the product for its presentation. I base myself on care and precise preparation.


I went through work in several companies / agencies where I participated in the preparation of advertising campaigns.

Whether it was marketing support from a car sales company, or with a work agency for clients such as IBM, Lenovo, Electrolux or LG. Together with the team, we have been preparing regular advertising campaigns and events, as well as online campaigns and sales promotion via Internet and Soc. media.


Not only sitting behind the table is my idea of ​​work. Active sale is no news for me. I can stand behind the counter and convince the customer why they should buy this phone, computer, or this kind of paper labels. I can sell anything starting with a paper bag and ending with an interplanetary rocket but I have to be self-confident about the product. Then I believe I can get the customer down.

What can I offer

Perfect knowledge of graphic procedures and applications, print technology and prepress preparation, team spirit, willingness to move for better results, reluctance to stay in one place. A professional approach to work, a desire to think about new things that have not been invented, and the desire to engage with their work.

I try to always work on my best beliefs, but if something goes wrong 100%, I do not look for excuses and reasons why it did not work, I'm trying to find a reason and eliminating the next time. The words "I apologize" for me is not a bad word, I'm just a human, but I always try to work so I do not have to use this connection, and I'd rather say "this really did."

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I'm willing to go to work, I can work from home, from any office, sometimes even from a car. I have a driving license for groups A, B and E, driven hundreds of thousands of miles without an accident and I like to travel. Meeting with people, customers and potential clients is a nice bonus for me, not a bad thing.

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Zpráva byla odeslána

1995 - 2016


from grammar school I work as a graphic designer, I suggest advertising graphics, wedding announcements, websites, corporate prints

2008 - 2010

senior graphic

graphics and DTP for SPEED-PRESS Plus, one of the largest vendors of gift items and advertising.


2010 - 2014

graphic, PM

graphic work for event agency, IT support, then as project manager in online advertising for major clients such as IBM and Lenovo

2015 - 2018


graphics for automotive business. Photo, retouching, DTP and printing of material. Collaboration on marketing campaigns.


Graphics, DTP,  website creation,
IT support, business and sales,
mobile technology


Ivan Stloukal

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